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Releasing for virtuous programmers

Today I released META6::bin with the following command.

meta6 --release

Since I forgot to commit the changes to README.md I had to release again with.

meta6 --release --version=+

As a result there are now some friendly tarballs at https://github.com/gfldex/raku-meta6-bin/releases/. To get there I had to force travis to install Test::META from HEAD. If you wish to release on github with ease, you may have to run the following commands.

zef install --/test https://github.com/jonathanstowe/Test-META.git
zef install META6::bin

It should work with already existing META6.json files out of the box but likely need the setup instructions at the bottom of the README.

As soon as RabidGravy found the time to make a proper release of Test::META (shouldn’t take more then 10 seconds) I will set the proper dependencies.

Some oddities in the response of the github API (<tarball_url> doesn’t point at the tarball) gave me a good reason to have another look at Codeberg. A lot was added in the last two years. The project is run by a non-profit from Berlin and as such not based in a country that likes to punish people because they don’t like a government. If we want to provide a programming language for a global community we can’t rely on Trumpland anymore. The whole software stack is FOSS and the API looks really nice. I didn’t miss any features that are on github but I didn’t really look for projects that are handled by an organisation.

I aim to add support for Codeberg to META6::bin and shall report here before Christmas.

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