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That meant war

I try to avoid to allow politics or current events to seep into my blog. The topic is the 100 year language and as such wont be history. Sadly, the head-oligarch has publicly given obvious bullshit-reasons to invade a neighbouring country. I would like to use the powers of to shed some light into the current darkness.

The official numbers (read: favouringly rounded up) for the population of Russia is 145805947 people. If only they could get themselves a decent government, that could have been quite a few hugs. But hugging they ain’t do enough, resulting in a birthrate of 1.82 children per woman. Let’s write that down.

my $woman = 145_805_947 / 2;
my $girls-per-woman := 0.91;

role Degression { }
my \degression = (2022, $woman), -> [$y, $w] { ($y + 35, $w * $girls-per-woman) but Degression } … ∞;
multi sub pretty(Degression [$year, $woman]) {
    "year: $year, Russians in RU: {$woman * 2}"

say degression[1000/35].&pretty;
# year: 3002, Russians in RU: 10397626.7
say "Soldiers available in {(1000/35).Int} generations: {Int(degression[1000/35][1]/$woman * 140000)}";
# Soldiers available in 28 generations: 9983

Here, I use an empty role to mark each value in the lazy list. Since I start with a 2-element list, I have to use destructuring and return a list in the generator function. The role allows for multi dispatch and other type checks, as shown in sub pretty.

Russia tries to build up independent industry for more then 10 years. That doesn’t work with a negative population growth. So they utterly depend on immigration from former soviet countries. They also depend on those counties to carry the financial burden to teaching the Russian language. Ukraine wants to join the EU in hopes to repeat the success of the Czechs (Hi Jonathan!) and Polsky (lol, Brexit!) to return to their spiritual home and grow the economy of their ancestors.

If you want to avoid future wars, don’t go to Russia. No people, no soldiers, no war. Also, being paid in ₽ may not be the most solid plan.

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