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One line of unicode at you fingertips

August 31, 2016 1 comment

I found myself making finger acrobatics to enter “»” on the CLI to test examples dealing with IO::* because camelia comes with a restricted setting. I’m using screen what does support digraphs but doesn’t include the fancy chars I need for my Perl 6 pleasure.

As it turns out one can tell screen to exec a shell command, let it take keyboard input and paste the result in the active screen window. There is a irssi plugin that allows the usage of digraphs and is implemented in Perl 5.

It’s not really doing what I wanted to do but got a list of digraphs to start with. A little while later I got a Perl 5 script that is doing what is needed to turn screens digraphs into something useful for a Perl 6 lubber. As a side effect irssi got convenient digraphs without fiddling with Josh Holland‘s plugin. And so does any program running inside screen. If you don’t like my intentionally RFC breaking digraphs – fork away.

♥ Happy␣typing! ♥¶

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