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Fork All The Things!

As requested by timotimo META6::bin is now able to fork a module on github by looking up its source in the ecosystem and telling git to clone it to the local FS.

meta6 --fork-module=Somebody::Else::Module

As a little bonus it will create a t/meta.t if possible. To be able to do so, META6::bin had to learn how to add dependencies to a META6.json-file.

meta6 --add-dep=Important::Module

I will add pullrequest creation as soon as I figured out how to convice the github api to do my bidding.

UPDATE: Pull requesting is in but not well tested (I don’t have any non-synthetic PRs to send right now). A META6.json is required to get the repo-name automatically. The youngest commit message sports the default PR title.

meta6 --pull-request
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